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Faith with Vision

International Ministries

God will provide

God will meet your every need. Trust in Jesus today.

 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13

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Please Donate to help us to continue to do mission work. If you need prayer, please fill out our form to communicate your prayer requests. To donate Cash app  $faithwithvision or scroll down and give through

Thank you and may God abundantly bless you.

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Please note that mission trips and Conference dates will be announced soon.

We are praying for you and your family.

Watch Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd teach the Word of God online or listen to her sermons on​m or podcasts. God will use the Word of God to transform your life.

Welcome to Faith with Vision International Ministries. 

Covid-19 Statement:

Dear friends, Know that we are praying for you and your family. In this challenging time, we know that there is hardship but realize that God loves you and that He will take care of you. If you need prayer, do not hesitate to fill out a form and know that we will be praying over all prayer requests. Please practice social distancing and realize that we are all in this together.


We are pleased that you have stopped by. We pray that you are blessed each day with the joy of the Lord.

As you view these few pages, I pray that you will prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner with this ministry. Join our weekly Bible study and consider becoming an E-member.  We want to encourage you in your spiritual growth and development.


Mission Statement

Faith with Vision International Ministries was established to operate as a church that does charitable work in the community. The purpose of this organization is to offer spiritual guidance, low-income housing, food, clothing, education, and job opportunities to youth and adults in communities (especially disadvantaged people) of all ethnic groups. It is the intent of this organization to work with Christian and other like-minded individuals (both secular and religious) in providing needed help to communities in the U.S. and internationally.


Charitable Work

Our organization, with the help of kind individuals, has been sending money to feed families in India during this pandemic; however, our current resources are not enough. There are many, many,  hungry families and now we also have requests for help coming in from other countries. Basically, while the rural areas remain challenged and cities slowly begin to get back to normal, children are literally starving. The good news is that our few dollars can stretch farther when we all work together.  Many countries have no stimulus package or anything else that will keep families from being hungry. I know that your family is also in need and I pray that you stay safe and that all your needs are being met; however, can you please consider sharing your little with a hungry family? We realize that we cannot feed everyone, but we can start with one family at a time. There are many families waiting. 

We have partners waiting for help in Thailand, Uganda, Kenya, Jamaica, and Pakistan (just to name a few). Will you help?

We also need your help to bring or buy supplies for those who need help in the U.S., especially those in disadvantaged families and those returning from incarceration. Please consider being a monthly partner and sowing your best seed to help with the ongoing work of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping families in need!


Faith with Vision International Ministries is registered with the Florida Dept. Of Agriculture and Consumer Services. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll free (800) 435-7352. within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.

Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd

Psalm 1; Deuteronomy 28

Realize that God wants to bless you!

"Keep your eyes on Jesus"

Please click on picture for sermon

Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd

"Keep your eyes on Jesus"

Mathew 14:22-33

When you keep your eyes on Jesus, like Peter, then you do not sink. God wants you to trust Him in the midst of every situation.

I will put my trust in God

Please click on the picture below for the sermon

Psalm 71 I will put my trust in God....

We have put our trust in so many things, but God wants our trust to be placed in Him.

Why do good people encounter suffering?

Please click on picture for the sermon

Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd

Why do good people encounter suffering?

The Word suffering in Greek is Pathema. 

Acts 6:1-15; Acts 7:44-60

The Message of Hope

Please click the picture below for the sermon

The Message of Hope

Isaiah 61:1-11; Luke 4:16-22

Jesus came to preach to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, set the captives free, proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, give sight to the blind, and comfort those who mourn. He is able to give you what you need

Where there is no vision the people perish.

      Reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is my priority. I also want to be a blessing to the kingdom of God by any means possible. If you are a Pastor needing help to train your congregation in the area of evangelism or need someone to speak at a Women's Conference, contact me. If you need help to understand the complexities of ministries in trying to reach those who are confused about their identities, reach out to me. I worked within the prison system for over 16 years and I understand and have insight into some things which are hard for the mainstream church to understand. I also have a heart for the youth and can give ideas about reaching the 21st-century youth. Are you a Pastor of a small congregation who needs help in making brochures or coming up with an outreach marketing plan? Contact me. Finally, is your heart yearning to do world missions? I am willing to help you to organize a trip. We should all work together to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Click here to listen to archived sermons from Minister Faithe Reid Liburd on Blogtalk radio.

Rev. Faithe Reid Liburd, M.S.

Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd has been in ministry for over 30 years. She preached her first sermon at the age of 17 and has been ministering to those in need ever since. She has traveled in Israel, Jamaica, U.S.V.I. and several states in the U.S. It is her goal to continue traveling and preaching the Gospel as God gives her strength and to help families whenever she can. When you make a donation, you are helping her to travel and preach the Gospel and to be able to help with humanitarian aid in countries like India, Pakistan, Jamaica, Haiti, Africa and more.

Jesus is the Great Physician

Please click the image below for the sermon

Faith with Vision International Ministries

Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd

Jesus is the Great Physician

Luke 5

1. Jesus is Jehovah Rapha

Only He can give us complete healing.

2. We must recognize that we need Him.

3. We must recognize that He came for those who need healing.

4. Jesus did what He came to do. 

(He made disciples and then sent them out to disciple others. He healed bodies and forgave sins. Finally He suffered, died on the cross and was resurrected from the grave.)

Let's reach the world for Jesus

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. Dream big and do great things for God.

Rev. Faithe Reid Liburd, M.S.

Faith with Vision International Ministries

5100 W Hwy FL-40

Ocala, FL 34482

Meet us online via our online broadcasts!

Counseling by appointment only.

 Please fill out a form.


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Palm Sunday Second Sermon

Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd

"We seek Jesus"

John 12

Jesus made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem

"We seek Jesus"  

Please click on the image below to see sermon   

You can also give by Texting (941) 421-7038

You can also donate by sending a Cash App $faithwithvision

Upcoming Events



Ongoing-Raising funds to feed those in need. We have fed many families already. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Donations to help those coming out of incarceration are also ongoing.

 Please consider being a monthly partner. When they call us for help, we want to be able to help immediately.

We are making plans to travel soon....Hallelujah. 

How ever the group which goes to Jamaica appreciates any donations throughout the year. Some of the things (like the back packs with school supplies) must be ordered in advance.The group normally goes to several parishes in Jamaica to bring food, clothing, school and medical supplies. Your donation of any amount is appreciated. See donation buttons on site.

Conferenc​e delayed until fall 2022

Lo​ved Beyond Measure 


info. to come

Date to be announced

Trip to Israel---If you are interested in traveling, please fill out a form to let us know.


Bible Study  7:45 pm

Watch on Face Book Live 



US Eastern Standard Time

Watch on Face Book Live

The Passover

Please click the image below to see sermon

Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd

Exodus 3 and 12

" The Passover"

Passover is a special time of year. It is in this time that Jesus had the last supper with His Disciples. Let us study what really happened in Egypt.

Prayer for Family Protection

Psalm 91 and prayer

Prayer and scripture which will bless you.

Psalm 91 and prayer

Click below to hear prayer and scripture.

Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd to Passover to Jesus...Gen. 30 "Faith in the midst of fear"

Joseph was sent to Egypt to save his family and to save the nations around him.

Faith in the Midst of Fear

Please click below to watch the sermon

God is Our Refuge 

Please click on image to see sermon

Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd 

"God is Our Refuge" Ps. 46/ Ps. 91

We must realize that God is our refuge and our strength.

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Let not your Heart Be Troubled

John 14. It looks like some of the music was muted by Facebook..( The very beginning and the very end is muted because I played music which was not my original, but you can hear the message in between). You will have to scroll forward and get the Preaching. Next time, I will just sing acapella or use my originals. Now I know.

Chaplain/Evangelist Faithe Reid Liburd

Let Not Your heart Be Troubled

Click below and be reminded that the beginning and ending part with music was muted by facebook, but the sermon is in between that. 

Yet Will I Trust Him

Job lived an upright life, but God removed His hedge of protection and allowed satan to trouble him. However, Job was not moved.

He still kept the faith even in the middle of life's challenges.

Faith with Vision International Ministries

Chaplain Faithe Reid Liburd  /Yet Will I Trust Him

Job 1; Job 2:1-6; Job 13:15

Click the image below

Trip to Jamaica and Labadee, Haiti -Vacation but still Praising God

Enjoying a trip with my daughter out on the open seas....