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Happy New Year!

This is a brand new year!

Start the year with excitement in your heart. Realize that this is the year to overflow with the love of God! God is truly wonderful. He is a God of love and strength. This year, make it your business to show the love of God to someone who desperately needs it. That person might be right in your own home or in your own family.

Yes," For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

There Is Nothing Too Hard For God To Do!

There is nothing too hard for God to do!
Everyday, it just amazes me that I waste even one brain cell on worrying. I know that it is wasting brain cells because God has never failed me. After 30+ years of trusting God, you would think that I had already learned my lesson by now, but history always repeats itself. Consequently, when an event takes place (which is challenging and out of my hand), then here comes the worry bug. If this happens to you also, shake yourself and grab your Bible quickly. Remind yourself that II Corinthians 10:4-6 tells you to remember that your weapons in warfare are spiritual.

God is real and He is just!

God is real and He is just!

Every day, many people complain about the challenges that they face in life. Many go on endlessly about their disappointments in life or the people who have hurt them. They do not really know the God of Elijah. If they truly knew the God of Elijah, the God who has all authority, then they would not spend their time worrying. You see, God has enough strength and power to make the wrong things right. He is able to solve all of our problems and He does not need our help to do it. Too many people are complaining instead of being thankful for what they do have. All of us can complain about our losses, but what good does it do? We need to remember that Our God truly is the One and Only God and that He can do all things! Peace.....

Happy New Year!

This is a brand New Year! My word for you is"The Drought is Over" Get ready for supernatural increase this year! Get ready for major changes, but good changes. Everything that the devil wanted to use to destroy you, God is turning it around and He will use it for your good. Praise God for great things that He has in store for you this year.

This is your year for unbelievable blessings! Doors that were closed to you last year are being opened today. Give God praise right now!

This is your year to walk by faith.

Overflow Blessings!

 Dear friend,

May you walk in the peace of God everyday and recognize that God loves you and cares about you! God has truly given you His love. He cares deeply about you. Do not be discouraged during this season, but be encouraged. You are not alone. God is with you right now!

Prayer works!

There are those who do not understand about prayer. They think that prayer is just a means of having someone to whom one can bring complaints; yet prayer is much more than that. Prayer is actually a time of having intimate communion with God.It is that moment that we have to spend time alone with our God who loves to have sweet fellowship with us. It is that special time when everything else waits until after that pause in our schedule which cannot be interrupted by bitterness or sadness. It is a time of quiet contemplation and peace. Oh what rest and what joy we could have if we took the time to sit aside with God!



Hallelujah for another day. God is truly amazing. Everyday is another day to give Him thanks! Do not be down and discouraged, but realize that you are loved.

Yes! This is season to praise God, for He is worthy!

I get Joy

I get joyful when I think about all that God has done in my life. He has truly blessed me. I think about the moments in my life when I felt like I needed help. Every time I cried out to God, He inclined His ear unto me and helped me. I praise God each and everyday for being the God who is more than enough!

Victory in Boston, Massachusetts

Just a few days ago, two young men decided to detonate bombs in Boston at the Boston Marathon. We are praying for those who lost loved ones. We are praying for those who lost limbs. We are praying for the people that were injured. We are praying for all who were traumatized. Finally, we are praying for the people of Massachusetts and all who need emotional healing.

Although things seemed out of control, we know that God was and is still watching. He has never lost control. Know that there is no need to fear.

I am excited about Jesus!

I am excited about Jesus! He is doing great and marvelous things in my life! I have added two new books to the website. I have added a children's book called Silly Bailly written and illustrated by my daughter Krystal Liburd. I have also added the Study Companion to What do I do when my life turns upside down: Life lessons from the Book of Ruth.

If God is doing great things for me, then I know that He is doing the same for you. Be encouraged in knowing that God is taking care of you. He loves you very much!

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Happy New Year!
There Is Nothing Too Hard For God To Do!
God is real and He is just!
Happy New Year!
Overflow Blessings!


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